Slum and Rural Health Initiative

Slum and Rural Health Initiative

Slum and Rural Health Initiative (SRHIN) is a nonprofit organization that started operations in 2017 and is officially registered in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and the Gambia. Their focus is to ensure improved access to healthcare information and services in Africa, especially in vulnerable and underserved communities using the tools of advocacy, research, and technology. 

They are a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, social scientists, information technology experts, researchers, graphic designers, and social entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing the sad narrative of healthcare information and service delivery in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and other parts of Africa. 


To SRHIN, taking healthcare to under-served communities is an act of social justice and this has made the organization relentless in continually reaching out to the communities in need around Africa. 


The mission of SRHIN is to improve access to health information and services by connecting health professionals to the populace through advocacy, technology, and research so they can make the right health decisions.


The organization has organized over 274 programmes through which they have been able to reach more than 965,000 people across the few African countries they have visited. 


Through thorough Research, SRHIN has brought about Increased Awareness of the need to have access to good healthcare facilities. They have been able successfully spread awareness about healthcare information, which can help people understand the importance of maintaining good health and seeking medical help when needed. 


They have also ensured Improved Health Outcomes because access to healthcare information can lead to improved health outcomes, as people can make informed decisions about their health and take necessary precautions to prevent illnesses. 


They have reduced Healthcare Costs in these under-served communities they have reached. By providing access to healthcare information, people can learn how to take care of themselves and prevent illnesses, which can ultimately reduce their healthcare costs in the long run and the support they have been rendering to communities ensure healthcare services are affordable.


Better Patient-Provider Communication is possible because with access to healthcare information, patients can communicate better with their healthcare providers, which can lead to better diagnosis and treatment options. Due to the provisions the organization has made, Improved Public Health Status has been recorded. Providing access to healthcare information has led to improved public health outcomes, as people become more aware of health risks and take necessary measures to prevent them. 


They're also achieving Increased Healthcare Equity. Since access to healthcare information can help bridge the gap between different populations, by providing equal access to healthcare information and resources to everyone the large gap has been closed gradually. 


SRHIN harnessing technology into the under-served communities they have visited has been able to ensure Personalize Care for the individual is possible. Technology can help provide personalized care, as healthcare providers can use technology to collect and analyze patient data, leading to more effective and personalized treatment plans.


Convenient access to healthcare facilities are possible. Through technology individuals could access healthcare information and services from the comfort of their own homes, making it more convenient and accessible.


SRHIN have been helping young people with mental health challenges. They help in breaking down mental health stigma which is crucial to help individuals who are struggling with mental health issues to seek support, receive appropriate treatment, and lead fulfilling lives.


They have been able to Raise Awareness and Educate people about mental health and its impact on individuals, families, and society. They have shared stories of hope, recovery, and resilience. Through this, people are getting freed and receiving the help they need to be mentally well. 


What role can you play to make a difference in someone's life today? You can partner, support and donate so that SRHIN can reach more African countries. Please do join us to help them.

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