SPARC is an award-winning community interest company based in the South West of England that removes barriers to participation in sport and physical activity for people facing disadvantages. SPARC delivers sport and physical activity in the heart of communities and with partner organisations to reduce social isolation, improve physical and mental wellbeing, and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour amongst communities across the region.

SPARC not only provide opportunities for people to get active in their own communities but their staff are also trained and qualified to deliver nationally recognised sport and activity based awards and qualifications to community groups.

Groups/qualifications include:

A range of Sports Leaders awards and qualifications
StreetGames sport specific activators and doorstep sport skills
MIND Mental health awareness in physical activity
WILD young fathers group to get active and then round off with a chat and a brew.
Activity Alliances inclusive activities programme

Find Us

Wesley St, Redruth TR15 2EG, UK
07867 412956
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