Split Perspectivz Ltd

Split Perspectivz Ltd

I am a Toxteth born children's author and social entrepreneur. I released three children's books during the pandemic, Ben and the Bug, helps families explain COVID 19 to their littlest members in an age-appropriate way, alleviating fear.  

Also 'My Mummy is a Monster' and 'My Daddy is a Monster' which looks at the two sides of every story, one from a child's point of view and one from a parent's. It's a unique way of helping children obtain balance and wellbeing and seeing things from another point of view.

These books reflect the ideals and concepts of my new social enterprise, Split Perspectivz. I aim to provide enriched, creative educational tools, services and literacy aids to every child and family who needs it, regardless of socioeconomic factors. I have developed a range of free downloadable packs for schools and families, and am currently developing the 'Build a Box' brand which will send boxes of books and other literacy tools to families across Merseyside, while also helping support local authors and artisans by buying their wares at a fair price. 

These boxes will provide hours of creative fun, as kids can read the books, and then take it one step further, by making them come to life, Children can build the characters, sets and accessories from the book with papercraft activities. This creates a wonderful opportunity for families to escape into their own creative world and gives a much-needed break from screen time. 

Although it's only the beginning, there is already a  lot of support via parenting magazines, teachers and educators, bloggers and reviewers, and I'm looking to expand my ideas through relevant collaborations

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