Stitched Up UK

Stitched Up UK

Non-profit co-op inspiring action on ethical fashion. Clothes Making & Mending Workshops, Clothes Swaps & more at our HQ in Chorlton & out in the community.

We travel across Greater Manchester delivering activities based around sewing, clothes repair, upcycling and sustainable fashion.

Workshops or courses for your group

Talks and demonstrations

Bespoke activities for schools, charities and other organisations

Collaborative projects on sustainable fashion, sewing, upcycling and wellbeing

Employer Supported Volunteering

Work placements

Textile Reuse

All members of our team come from an arts background and are skilled makers in their own right, specifically in fashion design, sewing, upcycling and knitting. We have several years’ experience delivering workshops, including working with young people, vulnerable adults and groups with specific learning needs.

There is also lots going on for individuals who want to get involved with Stitched Up.

Find Us

527B Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0UF
0161 881 7141
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