Talk And Ride

Talk And Ride

When a loved one dies, the loss is shattering. When that loved one took their own life or died through self-harming, or substance use, people just don’t know what to say.
It’s those conversations that keep memories alive and allow us to come to terms with how we can live our lives with them still with us, even if they don’t journey by our side anymore.

In September 2018 I started planning a cycle ride with my son Zachary from Manchester, where he lived, to Greece, where I live. I had hoped that giving him something positive to focus on in the future was a good way to help him win his fight with depression.

Unfortunately, in February 2019 my worst fears were realised when my beautiful son was found dead in his flat. Now I have started planning to do the ride by myself in his memory and I am inviting women who have lost a man from their life to suicide or self-harm to ‘Talk and Ride’ to keep the conversations about those loved ones alive and to raise money for various support charities.

Starting on Mother’s Day in the UK (22nd March) and finishing in Greece on Greek Mother’s Day (10th May). The route will cover over 3,600 km and pass through several European countries along the way where we will attempt to do as much talking, learning and awareness raising as we can.

Plans are still taking shape, but if you are interested and think you might like to come along, either cycling or just to say hello at the rest stops, please get in touch.

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