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Tesla Society Switzerland: Child Of Light

In the year 1856, a brilliant mind by the name of Nikola Tesla was born. Tesla would grow up to be a Serbian-American inventor, whose contributions to the field of electrical engineering are undeniable. Tesla's genius led him to develop the alternating current (AC) electricity system, the very system that powers our homes today. But Tesla's reach extended far beyond household appliances. He also made significant contributions to the development of radio, radar, and robotics.

Throughout his life, Tesla was awarded over 700 patents!

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Inspired by Tesla's work and vision, a group of engineers and scientists in Zurich, Switzerland founded the Tesla Society in 1956. Their mission was to carry the torch lit by Tesla, to promote public understanding and appreciation of his work, and to ignite a passion for the development of new technologies based on his ideas.

The Tesla Society of Switzerland has a long and storied history of keeping Tesla's legacy alive. They organize lectures, conferences, and exhibitions that delve deep into Tesla's life's work. They even publish their own journal, the Tesla Society Bulletin, a treasure trove of articles not only about Tesla's life and accomplishments, but also about the latest advancements in Tesla-inspired technologies.

The Tesla Society of Switzerland is a non-profit organization, run entirely by passionate volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring that the world remembers and appreciates the immense contributions Nikola Tesla made to the technological landscape we know today. The Society is always welcoming new members who share their enthusiasm for Tesla's work. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating inventor and the society that keeps his spirit alive, then look no further than the Tesla Society of Switzerland!

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