The Bettr Group

The Bettr Group

It all started when one coffee-loving woman decided that there was a better, more meaningful way to do business. 8 years and thousands of caffeinated hours on, this is where we are.

The Bettr Group is a home-grown specialty coffee company founded in 2011, and Singapore’s first certified B-Corporation. We are a leading provider of professional coffee education, specialty coffee products for retail and wholesale, and provide large-scale events services for corporates. We also operate retail coffee bars islandwide, using these micro-enterprises to amplify positive social impact in the community.

We work to empower lives through a Holistic Training Programme for marginalised groups, nurture direct and sustainable trade across our supply chain, and build socially conscious communities wherever we operate.

The Bettr Group is proud to be the 2017 President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year winner and a Best For The World (Community) organisation from 2016-2019. 

Philosophy - Our “B” Cause

We’re about making the world a Bettr, more socially conscious place, through all things coffee. Our business exists to create opportunities for positive impact in everything we do - from our people and products, to our partners and the planet - empowering those we touch along the way to think, feel, do, live and be… Bettr.

The Bettr Group comprises two specialty coffee brands - Bettr Barista and Bettr Coffee Co.

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