The Community Safety Podcast

The Community Safety Podcast

The Community Safety Podcast has been created by Jim Nixon from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Community Safety is the use of skills, knowledge and techniques, to prevent and reduce crime, disorder and fear of crime and develop safer communities in which to live, work and visit. Community Safety affects us all in society, its all our responsibility to improve communities. Some of the main issues affecting communities in today’s society is violence, knife crime, mental health, alcohol abuse, drugs, child exploitation, anti-social behaviour and many many more.


Jim is a passionate Community Safety Professional who has been working in this field for 25 years. He worked as a Police Officer for over 20 years. He specialised in Community Policing with the aim of improving communities. He worked some challenging areas with the West Midlands and is very proud of his track record.

In 2016, Jim decided to leave policing and specialise in Community Safety. He worked as a Community Safety Manager with a housing association tackling anti-social behaviour and wider community safety issues. In 2018, Jim moved to become the Anti-Social Behaviour Operational Lead Manager at Stoke-on-Trent City Council. During his time with the council he has transformed the ASB service and has reduced ASB in some areas by up to 50%.

The purpose of the Community Safety Podcast is to implement some change across the UK. Jim will interview guests from a wide spectrum of the Community Safety arena. He will look at their early life, career and explore how we can improve communities for the better in the 21st Century.

The podcast will launch on Friday the 22nd January 2021. We will start off by broadcasting 3 episodes followed by 1 episode on Friday the 29th January and then every 2 weeks during the whole of 2021.

The podcast has secured  some high profile guests who have a wealth of knowledge to help implement some change.

The podcast would not have been possible without the help and support of our sponsors, St Ives Chambers, RH Environmental and Me Learning. We can’t thank them enough for making the podcast a reality.

Look forward to you all coming on this exciting community safety journey.

Jim Nixon
Producer and Presenter

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