The Fuller Center

The Fuller Center for Housing: Building Hope, One Brick at a Time

A Legacy of Service and Innovation:

The Fuller Center for Housing, founded in 2000 by Millard Fuller, who is a visionary leader in the affordable housing movement. The Fuller Center addresses the global housing crisis while incorporating innovative approaches and fostering a unique organizational structure.

Guided by Faith, Driven by Action:

The Fuller Center operates on the principle of "compassionate Christianity", emphasizing inclusivity and welcoming volunteers and homeowners from all faiths and backgrounds. Their core values, which include love, shelter, and hope, guide their mission of providing decent and affordable housing for families in need.

Building Partnerships, Building Homes:

Unlike the "sweat equity" model commonly used by other organizations, The Fuller Center utilizes a "partner family" approach. Local families in need are selected based on their commitment to contributing towards their new home through sweat equity or financial contributions when feasible.

The Fuller Center then partners with volunteers and local builders to construct the homes. This collaborative approach fosters community engagement, empowers families, and allows for efficient construction processes.

Construction - A Holistic Approach:

Similar to other organizations, The Fuller Center recognizes the importance of addressing the broader needs of families. They offer additional support services, such as:

  • Financial counseling: Equipping families with the tools and knowledge to manage their finances effectively and ensure long-term housing stability.
  • Life skills training: Providing workshops on budgeting, home maintenance, and other essential life skills to promote self-sufficiency and well-being.
  • Community development: Fostering strong communities by facilitating connections among partner families and volunteers, promoting social support and inclusivity.

Global Reach and Local Impact:

The Fuller Center operates in over 80 countries across the globe, partnering with local organizations and communities. They have built over 200,000 homes, providing safe and decent shelter for over 1 million individuals.

Impact Beyond Numbers:

The Fuller Center's impact goes beyond providing shelter. Here's a glimpse of their lasting contributions:

  • Empowering families: They enable families to improve their health, education, and economic opportunities through stable housing solutions.
  • Building communities: Their work fosters collaboration and promotes a sense of ownership, strengthening social bonds within communities.
  • Inspiring global change: The Fuller Center serves as a model for addressing housing challenges, encouraging innovative solutions and international partnerships.

Looking Ahead: A Future Built on Hope and Collaboration:

The Fuller Center remains dedicated to its mission of "changing the world, one house at a time." They envision a future where everyone has access to safe and decent housing, fostering a world where hope and opportunity flourish.

Events and Involvement:

The Fuller Center offers various ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer opportunities: Contribute your time and skills to building projects, fundraising events, or administrative tasks.
  • Organize a "Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Week": This unique program allows individuals to participate in a week-long build alongside former President and First Lady Carter, dedicating their time directly on construction sites.
  • Sponsor a family or a build: Contribute financially to support specific families or building projects around the world.

Photos and Visuals:

While I cannot directly display visuals, The Fuller Center's website and social media pages feature various photos showcasing construction projects, families in their new homes, and volunteers contributing their skills. These visuals can further illustrate their impactful work.

In conclusion, The Fuller Center for Housing serves as a powerful example of faith-based action and innovative approaches to addressing the global housing crisis. Their commitment to building homes, building hope, and building communities continues to inspire change and empower individuals and families worldwide.

Find Us

701 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Americus, Georgia
(229) 924-2900
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