The Lightbulb Moment PDA CIC

The Lightbulb Moment PDA CIC

The Lightbulb Moment PDA CIC is an organization that works with families who are navigating the SEND system and supports them to break down the barriers that are often put in place by schools and Local Authorities [L.A.’s]. 


There is hardly ever a quick fix to family issues, it’s a journey like no other but the organization's aim is to arm parents/carers with practical advice and the strength to carry on the fight.


The Lightbulb has been providing support and helping hands to ensure that families going through tough times do not go through it alone. They give them a pat on their back, smile at them, put on the light in the darkest path and encourage hope and positivity. 


Through this support, there's been an increase in the strength and resilience of families. It has supported parents as they help their children with special needs achieve their full potential.


There's also been an improved community capacity to serve families with children who have special needs and this has helped families make critical connections to other families and resources in the community.


They Provide individualized, family-driven support that respects family culture, values, and preferences. 


You can be a part of the work Lightbulb moment organization is doing by donation, financial aid, grants, telling someone else about the work going on, checking on the working staff or volunteering to be a part of the team. 


Supporting one person means you're supporting a family. Be a part of a difference maker today.

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Yorkshire, UK
07779 090451
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