The Social Grocer CIC

The Social Grocer CIC

The Social Grocer CIC’s sister company, Community Focus Scotland CIC (CFS CIC) is a Social Enterprise founded by Annette Tonner on 3rd November 2015. Our mission is to reduce Food poverty and unemployment within the local community.

One of the services we provide is a non-referral, Free Food Larder. Our Food Larder has supported over 12,586 families.

Another of our services is industry-based training.  To date, we have provided over 500 people with new skills and the qualifications they need to secure employment.

Complementing our skills training, we also have contracts to work alongside major construction companies to provide on-site catering cabins across Scotland.  The profits from each are reinvested back into the local community they are sited in. We currently have 3 active cabins, 2 with Morrison Construction and 1 with KeepMoat Homes. These contracts are extensive, lasting up to 9-years and allow us to employ local people and invest in their future.

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Newbridge Rd, Newbridge EH28 8PJ, UK
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