Was A Bed

Was A Bed

WASaBED – Beautiful handmade products made from recycled bedlinen

Our mission: To reduce the amount retired bedlinen from going into landfill by bringing it into the circular economy and reusing it for environmental benefits.
Are you tired of today’s throw away economy?

Do you want to purchase ethical hand made products made in Scotland?

Support sustainable choices with our range of sustainable products

Retired bedlinen can be made into a range of products including our handmade signature Beach Clean Bags. Hotels and accommodation providers throw out hundreds of tons of old bed linen each year and our social enterprise aims to reduce the amount of this waste going to landfill.

Join the circular economy and reduce retired bedlinen from going into landfill
Get a beautiful handmade bag that can be cleaned in your washing machine.
Help reduce plastic pollution and support Beach Cleans.
Help us create jobs in Scotland through social enterprise.

Find Us

Melvaig, Gairloch IV21 2EA, UK
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