Textile products made from recycled plastic bottles. At Waste2Wear we recycle 100% post-consumer plastic bottles into environmentally friendly fabrics.

Our unique process involves turning damaging waste into sustainable yarns. The recycled yarns are then combined with natural fibers to be woven or knitted into sustainable fabrics, suitable for garments, home textiles, sports equipment and accessories.

We pride ourselves on removing waste from the environment by turning it into viable, sustainable textiles which are used wherever regular textiles are used. We are currently exhausting and polluting our planet, so we have taken it upon ourselves to create change in an industry that was formerly responsible for large scale pollution.

At Waste2Wear we value the earth and its' inhabitants over profits, thus we pursue all resources available to us so that we remain at the cutting edge of green industry.

While the fashion industry is rapidly moving towards sustainability, our track record shows we are green at our core and innovation is in our DNA. Ever since Waste2Wear was founded, it challenged the fashion and textile industry to be a force for good. By applying circular economy solutions and a clear focus on reducing plastic waste, we bring a positive environmental impact. Believing ‘a force for good’ goes beyond addressing environmental impact, we’ve set up several programs, like the Waste2Wear Ocean Plastics Project.

Find Us

Tian Shan Lu, Chang Ning Qu, China, 200051
+86 21 6274 9961
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