Wind Energy Museum

Wind Energy Museum

A day out with a difference! This is the only museum collection of its type in Britain, offering a unique, friendly and informative day out. Located in Repps with Bastwick (close to Potter Heigham), Norfolk. Featuring full sized wind pumps, steam engines and a unique scoop wheel along with photographs, models of mills, stories and working examples that depict the evolution of drainage on the Broads. 

Situated only a few minutes’ walk from the River Thurne, with public mooring available on the banks towards Potter Heigham.  

Thurne Mill is one of the most iconic mills on the Norfolk Broads and by becoming a member of our Friends of Thurne Windmill for an annual fee of £10, you will be helping towards their biggest goal - keeping it safe for future generations to enjoy. 

Find Us

Staithe Rd, Repps with Bastwick, Great Yarmouth NR29 5JU, UK
07796 407864
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