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13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: 27 Lê Văn Lương, , Hà Nội, , 204

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Matt's Esteem Awareness

13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: 27 Lê Văn Lương, , Hà Nội, , 204

We're raising awareness of gaining esteem for Matthew. It's a long process, but we can make it, together!

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13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: 65 milford drive, , , m192ry, 1

This event takes place to support international women's day and update...

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African Textile Summit 2021

13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: , Cape Town, Western Cape, , 175

The Summit

Three Days of Powerful Talks Shaping the Future of Fashion incorporating African Fashion Show (AfFS) & African Fashion SDG Forum (AfSDGF)

Re-shaping the future of the global textile industry through partnerships and defining metrics-driven sustainability models 25 - 27 October 2021 09:00 am - 05:00 pm African Textile Fashion Summit (AfTS) is a three-day event is designed to showcase African Sustainable Fashion Textile Designers as well as globally sourced futuristic fashion/textile designers working with such game-changing genres as alternate plant-based and bio textiles serving to create opportunities for the Africa fashion and textile mindset.

Through textile exhibitions, plenary sessions, workshops led by experts in their fields, action pods bringing fashion entrepreneurs together with funding options, university partnerships extending the exhibition’s impact to the classroom inspiring, empowering, and creating a path of action and success for future fashion and textile designers.

The event addresses all 17 UN SDG's in the fashion and textile industry in addition to the introduction of actionable and measurable, metric-driven goals assigned to each.

Entrepreneurs/SME’s will get the opportunity to showcase their work, in addition to creating sustainable relationships with a supply chain support system albeit in the action zones. This event will create a footprint that can be used throughout pan Africa.

Summit trilogy

African Fashion Show (AfFS) MONDAY 25 OCTOBER 2021 Resetting Africa’s innovative fashion gateway to the world, African Fashion Show (AfFS) shines the spotlight on 20 African designers successful in forging their way into the world of sustainable fashion. More importantly, they elevate the standards of the fashion industry, creating and embedding impactful, indelible social & environmental footprints actively contributing to clean, ethical & profitable industry growth.

African Textile (AfTF) TUESDAY 26 OCTOBER 2021 Resetting Africa’s innovative textile gateway to the world, bringing together global influencers & experts in the field driving dialogue, discussion & debate. Enriched conversations set the stage, from the movers and shakers, startups, to disruptors & policy makers.

Embracing social, economic, industry growth, and environmental metrics, AfTF brainstorms key action points geared to drive the industry towards sustained excellence. AfTF showcases 20 of the most vibrant African textile designers over the two-day span.

African Fashion SDG Forum (AfSDGF) WEDNESDAY 27 OCTOBER 2021 For the first time in the history of the United Nations SDG inception, The African SDG Forum AfSDGF sets the stage to address all 17 SDG’s and apply them to the fashion industry. AfSDGF creates & articulates specific metric driven, measurable goals for each SDG creating real time impact in the African fashion and textile industries. Inclusive dialogues focus on

the African Fashion & Textile Sectors in search of solution driven measurable actions that support successful milestone achievements necessary to effectively and profitably implement and achieve the SDG goals.

Partner with us to create meaningful impacts, our objectives help penetrate several layers of engagement to drive grass-roots impact.

Revamp and revive distressed Textile/Garment Industry sector of the African economy

Means of creating a revenue generation for governments of various African countries as a result of taxation and paid wages earned from the activities associated with the production of these fabrics/textiles and RMG (ready-made garments)

Showcasing our rich African fabrics to the world

Raise the penchant by African for our locally manufacture fabrics

Interact among players and stakeholders in the global fabric and textile industry

Promote economic ties among participating in African States

Assemble a world focus on Africa

Expand the African Textile market

Bridge the gap between the manufacturers and the consumers of the fabric

Present the areas of specialization and customization especially of fabrics and textile manufacturers

Create employment opportunities for the teaming unemployed youths

Fashion designers can promote their designs and craftsmanship

Showcase our rich African heritage of African attires.

Our Audience

The African Fashion and Textile Summit is aimed at achieving collaboration and partnership with the following prospective development partners & organizations:

Apex Banks in Africa

Heads of African governments

African Unions

African Designers Associations

African Textile Manufacturers Associations

African Cotton Boards

Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry Mines and Agriculture

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency

Bank of Industry

Office of the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria

African Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

World Bank

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13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: 70, Adelabu street uwani, Enugu State, , 234042, 142

Helpers Social Development Foundation back to school program at Central school Akwuke aims to support children's education. School pupils were excited after receiving our support.

Back to school program

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International Mobile Film Festival 2021

13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: , , San Diego, , 200

Join the global community of people around the world sharing amazing stories through film using smartphone cameras. How to get selected to be a part of #MFF2021SanDiego?

First, a good story. Second, good production value (including audio). Third…SUBMIT IT! If you don’t submit your film it will not be eligible to be selected.

Mark the dates for IMFF 2021: April 23, 24 & 25

Read all the rules, terms and conditions. Use the contact form on the festival’s website if you need clarification. Features from 40 to 120 minutes. Shorts 1-5 minutes. Films must be shot with only smartphone cameras with the exception to aerial footage from drones which cannot exceed 10% of the total length of your film.

RULES: Please read the rules before you submit your films. You can submit more than one film.

Shoot with your phone and rock the red carpet treatment during San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival.

We only accept films through FilmFreeway.

 Check out our suggested categories which have been created with you in mind.Our special Community Stories was created in the same year we launched in 2009. Others are: Youth, Cosplay, Cinematic, Screendance, Ultimate Mobile, Journalism & Current Events, Geography & Wildlife (we are not referring to your parties), and Business & Entrepreneurship.

Listen to the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking for fun, informative and inspiring discussions with our guests about mobile filmmaking. Available in all podcast apps. www.SBPPodcast.Studio

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Tribal Journeys 2021 - 'Paddle to Tla’amin'

13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: 4779 Klahanie Drive , Powell River, British Columbia, V8A 0C4, 37

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Join us this summer to study and practice permaculture in the Santa Cruz Mountains!

13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: Santa Cruz Mountain Way, Rosamond, California, 93560, 200

Permaculture is an ethically based whole-systems design approach that uses concepts, principles, and methods derived from ecosystems, nature connected communities, and other time-tested systems to create human settlements and institutions.

Our courses bring in leading designers and teachers from around the region, each experts in different areas of permaculture. The Santa Cruz Permaculture network of instructors, alumni, community partners, and resources continues to grow each season, and by participating in our courses, you become part of this network!

Additionally, course participants will work in teams to design holistic permaculture plans for real-life sites in the community. The hands-on learning, workshops, and readings throughout our courses prepare students with knowledge and whole systems thinking strategies that allow them to create detailed and thoughtful designs.

Learn more about these two courses and our other upcoming offerings at https://santacruzpermaculture.com/courses/

We look forward to seeing you in the redwoods this summer!

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Global Gatherings - Ending Homelessness US & UK

13th Oct @ 18:45

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Location: , , , , 200


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