International Case Study Work

Via the review of local, national and international policy and research, as well as compiling case studies of pioneering non-profit and profit-driven organisations that make a powerful commitment to social impact, this project aims to identify the key lessons we can we learn from best industry practice in the field of homelessness prevention and response from across the globe; ultimately, for adaptation and implementation in the United Kingdom.

This Fellowship involved fieldwork at locations on the East and West coasts of the United States of America; notably, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Each appointment provided a contrast in approach and therefore the opportunity for comparison. I observed, interviewed, analysed data and evaluated findings from a wide-range of associated environments, selecting a number of organisations to explore as inspiring and innovative case study examples. Careful consideration was given to factors such as:

  • Evidence of successful and good practice;
  • Impact value;
  • The mission behind the model;
  • Revenue streams and funding sources;
  • External partnerships;
  • Community engagement;
  • Service user benefit;
  • Promising long-term plans;
  • Creativity, innovation and passion.

Key findings will be discussed thematically, with participation from the following projects, events and organisations:

international case work study - housing 2.0

Housing 2.0 is a one-day pop-up event facilitating discussions focused on addressing challenges and utilising opportunities in American housing

international case work study - cham

‘CHAM Deliverance Ministry’ are a faith-led organisation which has ministered on the
front lines to the homeless in Silicon Valley for over 15 years

‘Lava Mae’ recycle redundant city busses, converting vehicles into mobile shower
units and washing facilities for the homeless in central San Francisco

‘Tender Cuts’ is a San Francisco non-profit providing love, laughs and street-side
haircut services for those in need

Project Homeless Connect’ (PHC) provide support and quality of life services to
homeless communities, nationwide

‘Back on My Feet’ (BoMF) efficiently engage with corporate partners and the general
public to successfully combat homelessness via the power of running

Delivering Innovation in Supported Housing’ (DISH) provide property management
services for San Francisco’s Public Health Housing Scheme

New York’s ‘Breaking Ground’ is a leader of industry practice excellence and pioneer
of ‘Housing First’ homelessness prevention and response techniques

‘CastleBraid’ is a creative community living space, situated in Brooklyn, New York

The ‘Dome Village’ was a self-governing community of people unable or unwilling to
live in traditional homeless shelters, situated in downtown Los Angeles

‘Tiny SMART House’ is an internationally recognised and licensed tiny house
manufacturer and home builder located in Albany, Oregon

‘Bombas Socks’ are growing the ‘buy one, give one’ movement, having donated over
1 million pairs of custom-designed socks to America’s homeless to date

Marriott International are a global hotel chain committed to supporting and improving
the communities in which they operate

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