December 24, 2023

Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle

For Immediate Release: Dr. Willard Wigan MBE Crafts Microscopic Masterpiece "Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle" to Bring Light, Hope, and Peace this Christmas

Three Little Kings in a Needle art day every day

Stockport, England (December 24, 2023): This Christmas, prepare to witness a miracle of miniature proportions. Internationally-renowned microscopic artist Dr. Willard Wigan MBE has unveiled his latest breathtaking masterpiece. He created "Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle". In time to illuminate hearts and homes around the world.

More than just a Christmas art piece. This microscopic odyssey represents a beacon of hope and peace during a tumultuous year. "The Three Little Kings," fashioned from minuscule fragments of nylon and glimmering glitter, embark on their celestial journey atop camels forged from the same delicate material. A tiny 24-carat gold crown, meticulously painted with an eyelash brush, graces each king's head. Reminding us of the precious gifts – both tangible and intangible – we seek during this sacred season.

Creating this microscopic marvel was no small feat. Wigan, juggling multiple projects for his popular "Disappearing World" exhibitions, painstakingly dedicated hundreds of extra hours to ensure its completion before the December 25th deadline. Working under the potent eye of his microscope. Often through the stillness of the night, he painstakingly pieced together each element. His unwavering focus a testament to the dedication that fuels his microscopic artistry.

Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle Willard Wigan art

Speaking of his heartfelt intention behind the artwork.

"I hope this piece brings blessing Light, Hope and peace to the whole world this Christmas," expressed Wigan.

He invites everyone to experience the wonder of his creation. Urging us to marvel at the beauty and magic found in the tiniest of details. Where miracles whisper and hope ignites.

"Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle" serves as a powerful reminder that even amidst the vastness of our world, the most profound treasures often reside in the unseen corners of existence. Wigan's microscopic masterpiece acts as a beacon. Calling us to appreciate the quiet wonders that grace our lives, the strength in unwavering dedication. With the enduring power of hope and peace that permeates even the smallest spaces.

Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle an example with the actual needle to show size of art

To experience the awe-inspiring magic of "Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle":

This Christmas, let Dr. Wigan's microscopic masterpiece illuminate your spirit. Let it remind you that even in the smallest whisper, light, hope, and peace shine brightest.

Three Little Kings in a Needle art day every day


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