February 1, 2024

Lights, Camera, Action! Save the Screen Machine!

The silver screen might be dimming on a beloved Scottish treasure – the Screen Machine, our mobile cinema bringing magic to communities near and far. With news of funding cuts, this beacon of shared joy and storytelling faces an uncertain future. We need to save the Screen Machine!

Since 1998, the Screen Machine has woven its magic across villages, towns, and even beaches, igniting imaginations and fostering connections through the power of film. Families gathered under starry skies, shared laughter resonated through the air, and memories were made under the glow of the projector.

More than just movies, the Screen Machine fostered community. Imagine pre-film picnics buzzing with excitement, locals sharing stories, and friendships blooming under the shared experience of cinema. It was a breath of fresh air, a chance to escape the ordinary and celebrate the power of shared experiences.

But now, this vital project risks fading to black. Potential funding cuts threaten to silence the projector, leaving communities yearning for the return of their mobile cinema haven.

This is not just about losing movie nights; it's about losing a vital community builder, a platform for shared joy, and a champion for accessibility. Imagine the impact on remote communities who rely on the Screen Machine for their only cinematic fix. Imagine the children whose faces wouldn't light up with wonder on these magical movie nights.


We can't let the final scene be a fade-out. It's time to raise our voices and fight for the Screen Machine! Here's how you can help:

  • Share your story: Share your experiences with the Screen Machine, its impact on your community, and why it matters. Use the hashtag #SaveTheScreenMachine on social media.
  • Write to your representatives: Contact your local MP, MSP, or council officials and urge them to support the Screen Machine.
  • Donate: If you can, consider making a financial contribution to support the project. Every bit helps!
  • Organize events: Host fundraising events or screenings to show your support and keep the momentum going.

Together, we can write a happy ending for this beloved project. Let's ensure the silver screen keeps rolling, bringing joy and community spirit to every corner of Scotland. Remember, the power of film, and the power of community, lies in our hands.

Join the movement and save the Screen Machine!

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