March 15, 2024

Social Entrepreneurs: Join the Global Pitchfest!

For Immediate Release

Manchester, UK (March 15th, 2024) – Calling all social entrepreneurs. Are you a passionate social entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea to change the world? Do you dream of scaling your impact and connecting with a global community of like-minded changemakers? Then prepare to pitch your vision at the Global Gatherings: Changemakers Virtual Pitchfest – a dynamic online event designed to empower and amplify the voices of social entrepreneurs driving positive change around the world.


Taking place on April, 25th 2024 at 1pm GMT, this electrifying virtual gathering will bring together a diverse network of social entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and supporters from across the globe. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Showcase their innovative social ventures: Take the virtual stage and pitch your groundbreaking idea to a panel of expert judges and a live audience of potential investors and collaborators.
  • Gain valuable feedback and insights: Receive constructive criticism and guidance from seasoned industry professionals, helping you refine your approach and maximize your impact.
  • Connect with a global community of changemakers: Network with fellow social entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters from all corners of the world, forging valuable partnerships and building a sustainable support network.
  • Win funding, support and recognition: Gain access to mentorship opportunities that can propel your social venture to the next level.

Whether you're just starting your social impact journey or have years of experience under your belt, the Global Gatherings: Changemakers Virtual Pitchfest offers a unique platform to elevate your voice, gain essential skills, and connect with the resources you need to make a lasting difference.

"The power of the Global Pitchfest lies in its ability to connect brilliant minds across borders. Social entrepreneurs often face isolation and resource limitations, but this event creates a vibrant ecosystem where they can share ideas, build partnerships, and access the support they need to thrive. It's a beautiful dance of collaboration, and witnessing it unfold is truly magical."

Varle, Amy
Amy Varle Pitchfest 2024
(Image credit: Carole Neales | Amy Varle at Churchill War Rooms | Copyright 2021)

For Social Enterprises:

  • Unleash the power of your idea! Submit your application today and take the virtual stage at the Global Pitchfest. Win the exposure, funding, and support you need to make your social impact dreams a reality!
  • Fuel the movement of change! Join the Pitchfest as a participant and connect with a global network of investors, mentors, and collaborators. Together, we can build a brighter future, one pitch at a time.
  • Sharpen your pitch, magnify your impact! Register for the Pitchfest and gain access to exclusive workshops and resources from industry experts. Learn from the best and elevate your social venture to the next level.

For Individuals:

  • Be a catalyst for change! Attend the Pitchfest as a supporter and witness the power of innovative social ventures tackling the world's most pressing challenges. Your presence sends a message of encouragement and fuels the movement of change.
  • Invest in the future! Explore the diverse range of social ventures showcased at the Pitchfest. Discover opportunities to invest in ventures that align with your values and make a lasting difference in the world.
  • Become part of the solution! Join the vibrant Pitchfest community and connect with passionate changemakers from across the globe. Share your expertise, offer your support, and be part of a global network driving positive impact.

Don't miss this groundbreaking opportunity to join a global movement of changemakers and create a ripple effect of positive impact. Register for the Global Gatherings: Changemakers Virtual Pitchfest today and take your social venture to the next level!

#ThePeoplesHub #PitchFest24

Visit Eventbrite for more details and tickets.


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