February 7, 2023

"Together Doing For Every Nation" IMPROVING HUMAN POTENTIAL

Meet The young aspiring adults ready to tackle challenges facing in our communities to bring change in the Gambia with new approaches in 2023!
TheProAcademian Support Organization, The Gambia

TheProAcademian Support Organization

Meet the young aspiring adults ready to tackle challenges we face in our communities and to bring about change in the Gambia with new approaches in 2023!

As a registered home base charitable organization, they are bringing a change for a better Gambia and with the help of The Peoples Hub Network here is what they plan to do this year:

  • Make communities safe for children from perpetrators of harm, rapists, child abusers etc
  • Improve the lives of underprivileged widows who work and survive hand to mouth, sometimes "not-having-anything-from-hand-to-the-mouth".
  • Improve educational system in the Gambia.
  • Help Kuli Kunda primary school with tables, chairs, pens, pencils, books and better resources.
  • Mitigate or end diabetes and hypertension in villages and communities in the Gambia where there are no hospitals, clinics or health centers.
  • Making affordable drinkable water to those in the rural areas.
  • No FGM.
  • Equal rights for women.
  • 50:50 Sex Equality in Parliament and at local levels.
  • Providing electricity to communities.
  • Empower youths and sports in discouraging their mindset towards illegal migration to Europe through Mediterranean Sea which has caused the demise of many lives among Gambian youths.
  • Sensitization on menstrual hygiene targeting adolescents in the rural communities in the Gambia.
  • Help with training and entrepreneurial skill workshops.for social enterprise such as agriculture.
  • Community training workshops, most often survival such as food security, health, and life skills.
  • Facilitate leadership courses by bringing together current rural organisations who have solutions already to improve the lives of the people in the Gambia, and working together more effectively.
  • Help nurture environment and conserve wildlife. No poaching. Create better Eco Travel solutions and experiences by conserving the wildlife and nature. Work towards long term solutions to love and protect the land, bringing in resources and working together so earth can flourish naturally.
To discourage these mindsets among the youths. TheProAcademian Support Organization came up with an initiative to create a football team among youths, supporting them in things they love doing in their home country. This is why we name a football team as "TheProAcademian Sport" to empower youths, give them a dynamic purpose to stay home and hopefully to build the nation together.

The town football league tournament in 2023 is advancing on April. TheProAcademian Support Organization is Looking for fundings and donations to support youth football team in the Gambia the smallest country in mainland Africa.
TheProAcademian Support Organization, The Gambia

"A teacher from Brikama in The Gambia had to sell his land because his brother, who had taken the back-way (illegal migration), was kidnapped in Mali. The kidnappers said they would kill his brother if he did not pay the ransom. Sometimes Gambian children and teenagers steal money and sneak away to BACK-WAY without telling their families in order to flee from their country for their lost dreams. The younger are the migrants, the less likely they are aware of all the risks and the complex political, security and economic situations of the countries they are entering. In 2020, more than 432 West African migrants lost their lives in their attempt to reach Europe.“


Kuli Kunda Primary School Project

Kuli Kunda primary school is a learning facility in the Gambia which is the smallest country in mainland Africa (West Africa). The school compiles of six(6) classroom with 200 plus student from 1st Grade to 6th Grade. Most classes have no chairs or tables and all of the pupils sit on a MAT during lessons.

"Education is the key to success."

Jefferson, Thomas
Kuli Kunda Primary School

TheProAcademian Support Organization intend to enhance their school and learning facility for better education in the lives of those children in the afar village of Kuli Kunda. We also intend to furnish the school for better teaching and learning atmosphere. If you are able to help please do join The Peoples Hub Network so we can pool resources and work together more effectively to achieve objectives. Or alternatively donate to TheProAcademian Support Organization via PayPal by clicking here where they will receive 100% of the donation, after fees, while we work to a more sustainable ethical solution to achieve their goals and aspirations.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


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