January 26, 2023

Women Empowerment In Action - Ghana

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana: Social Impact Report

The People's Hub organization based in the UK has joined efforts with the Eastfield Foundation school based in Ghana to empower women in their vicinity with skills that could help them to fight poverty and to develop them to be the "total woman".

"Adas Army advances in Ghana with Selasi and the Eastfield Foundation. Women helping women."

Susan Dolan

The Peoples Hub organization has a vision to help communities, help end homelessness, hunger, poverty and ignorance by empowering youths with skills, education and provision of fundamental human needs. They know that making a difference in someone's life is far superior to making a living.

On the execution side to help and train women is Selasi Nyakpo from Ghana, who had the vision to support women through the Eastfield Foundation school's program. The foundation believes the people in the society can live a good and better life if given opportunities and resources, and can further help those who don't have any of these in their wider community.

Recently, the Eastfield Foundation school was sponsored by The People's Hub to organize training in cake baking and pastry making. The training was targeted at women and youths especially in rural areas.

Eastfield Foundation, Uganda

Women and youths in various rural areas were available at the training center and the creativity, passion and love for learning displayed by those available absolutely pointed to the fact that there are potentials and unique abilities within so many people. They only needed opportunities and support to harness these abilities for their individual usefulness. 

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

Summary of work

- Organised 8 vocational training programs for 800 girls and women in 15 communities across 6 districts in Ghana.

- Conducted management and entrepreneurial skills training sessions for 400 women at 5 districts in Ghana.

- Distributed 300 pair of crutches to 4 disability groups in the Central Region.

- Planted about 350 trees in 23 communities in 4 districts of Ghana.

- Organised 7 awareness and sensitization programs on rights of less-abled persons in 15 communities across 3 districts namely Awutu Senya East Municipal, Ga South, and Amasaman district all in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

During the training, it was observed that the attitude to learning, ability to organize oneself and understanding the processes and procedures in achieving tangible results was exhibited by those available at the training center. Questions were raised during and after the training, however, these questions indicated that the ideas on cake baking and pastry making have been received and understood but the lack of source and support for further practice is a threat to these individuals. The People's Hub wish to help Eastfield Foundation train more women in their communities.

You can donate to this project via Paypal CLICK HERE and please indicate that you wish the money to be sent to the 'Eastfield Foundation in Ghana'. We will personally keep you updated with progress if you wish, and also a chance to speak with these women whose lives you have helped.

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana
Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

"Continuity is a key that makes Development, speciality, effectiveness and excellence possible. Therefore, In order for these people to be able to serve the community and improve their quality of living, support from those who can help is needed". 

Peter Lawal, The People's Hub Global Volunteers Director
Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

Trainees appreciated the Peoples Hub and Eastfield Foundation school for their kindness in reaching out to them with quality skills and sponsorship of the training with a desire to have another training set up for them, said one of the trainees. 

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

The Peoples Hub and the Eastfield Foundation school call upon everyone with the passion to help and make a difference in people's lives to kindly donate so we can sponsor more of their plans. They aim to help the less privileged in their communities in Ghana with various needs and skills to help them live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Please join our Global Gatherings Network to become part of our collective. Or you can donate specifically to this project via Paypal CLICK HERE and please indicate that you wish the money to be sent to the 'Eastfield Foundation in Ghana'.

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