Social Property Investment with Amy Varle 2:1 How Research Benefits Your Business

Social Property Investment Online Learning E-Course with Amy Varle Research and Evaluation

2:1 How Research Benefits Your Business

Hi and welcome to today's social property investment training, which is focused on research and evaluation.

For me, this is one of the most important aspects of social property investment. What we've done with social property investment is we've brought together lots of best practice techniques from across lots of different organizations and lots of different methods and techniques that we've combined. This has all been undertaken via research projects.

Research is a really really important aspect of social property investment and it enables us to keep building and keep making the model bigger and better and able to serve more people.

So today we're going to be splitting the social property investment research and evaluation training up into two parts:

  • The first part we're going to be covering is a pilot scheme period which is focused on buy-to-let with vulnerable individuals in the private rented sector in Greater Manchester.
  • A couple of years that I spent working with colleagues across the public, private, and third sectors to house individuals who were rough sleeping, in hostels, bed and breakfasts, or sofa surfing. We've had lots of different social issues and lots of different personal circumstances.
  • What we did was a big project where we moved people without barrier into privately rented homes and we saw how they managed that process and what kind of support that they needed and were lacking in as they navigated their transition to new lives.

So we're going to cover the first part of our training is going to cover the pilot scheme and everything we did during that period and everything we learned during that period.

  • And then the second part is, and very excitingly, I got to go off and do some research with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and that enabled me to travel across America and in the hope of further enhancing the social property investment model.
  • I went and explored some magnificent and most pioneering projects in the world who are responding to affordable housing and homelessness and poverty related issues and they're doing in a really really innovative and really productive fashion.
  • So I went along and saw some most amazing social enterprises and corporate sponsors, some collaborative working strategies, and some people that were out on the streets and responding to homes that way.
  • I went along and observed and I got my hands dirty and got stuck in and I really saw a huge amount as I traveled across America.
  • And now there's so much that's coming back from that trip and is coming into this model of social property investment.
  • So the second half of our training today is going to be focused on America and everything I learned in America.
  • We're going to be summarizing the key aspects and you'll get to learn a lot more about this with the publication of the report that I will be writing about my American experience.
  • But then now I'm going to be making a summary within this video and hopefully you'll be able to take some techniques from international colleagues when you're designing housing projects of your own or you're supporting vulnerable people in a housing first lead strategy.

So I'm going to kick off with the training and the first part is our pilot.

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