Socially Uganda: Helping the Children of Mityana




Our Social Uganda has been helping by supporting the most vulnerable children education by providing to them school requirements like fees, uniform, books, pens, pencils and a ream. Both primary and secondary students.

We have a total of 52 children, 32 girls and 20 boys to our support. We work in communities where there's an overwhelming number of children to support. We therefore seek for your help because many children dropped out of school due to requirements like fees, uniform, books, pens, among others.

Our target for this is to bring back many vulnerable children in schools hence saving their future, so we need joint efforts. We can impact a child's whole life for just $29 dollars.


Many vulnerable children aged 5 years and above, have been already identified by our volunteers in communities. Those don't go to school and those who go needs more help or support for extra costs that include school fees, uniform, shoes and lunch fees to remain in school.


Our Social Uganda will sponsor and provide school requirements for more children to get back in school, that have been already identified. The organisation will also access good medical treatment to ensure they attend school without problems of sickness.

Through education those born into poverty will break this cycle.

Long-Term Impact

Education of children will bring about real change not just for that children but for their whole family and giving them the opportunity to change their life permanently for better. More so, children will become agents of change that will impact their communities.

"May the almighty God bless you!"

Kimbowa Ivan, Our Social Uganda

I love agriculture so much because I know through agriculture our future will be brighter and we will gain more in it. It provides food, vegetables, fruits, and healthy environment because the system of agriculture am applying is organic, food, and it has much value than the convention system of agriculture.

We talked about farming because my friend is ready to work with me on a program. He has a portion of land where we can set our demo gardens, and I have managed to get some organic fertilizers from some of the money donated by The People's Hub. It was just 5 pounds to buy some fertilizers and we are now waiting for help on way forward with which variety of vegetables to use.

We will teach the children to grow food, draw, learn about community school farming and many different foods we can eat, as this will be quite simple to do even on small patch of land.

Our Social Uganda, Land Allocation, Mityana

A New Year 2023: Let's Get Social

It is a new year everything is going right. We are out of lock-down and life is moving on, but there are so many people here who are being affected by the lock-downs. Schools are about to reopen for the new term but parents have no money. Some elderly people have started dying of hunger and other minor disease because they don't have access to good services.

The heavy rainfall had destroyed food in the garden, and the prices of food are becoming more higher than they used to be. People have started cutting down trees to get money to feed their families but also has caused the climate changes, that is why we have to come together and we find out the solution to see how we can solve all this.

We have started a very good project of arts work where everyone is to paint, draw and to make beautiful art work which we are going to sell to the world. This will help us to support the young children and the young generation though their artwork and to promote their talents.

Our Social Uganda: Art Day Every Day

We have started our new project of helping the youth of Bamunanika in Mityana through a group we named BAMUNANIKA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT GROUP.

The aim of starting this project is to unite all the youth of vision in the community and to improve their standards of living through income by generating opportunity and projects, which will solve the challenge of job seeking and dependency syndrome from their relatives who were stuck in providing with them domestic necessities due to many lock-downs of Ebola and COVID-19, and poverty in the country.

This project is looking forward to develop the talented youth and to discover the potential in them through various activities, through agriculture, book making, bar soap, Vaseline, environment keeping, conservation, teaching them technical and other skills.

We have started the art project to support all that work and we are looking forward to sell our artwork to the good hearted people all over the world so that we fund our work of helping others in need.

Wagaba, Arnold, "Boy fell asleep while studying" , 2022, Our Social Uganda Art Day Every Day, Mityana

Our project is to support more than 500 people in the community of Mityana and it will also help all of the country through various activities.

We are currently supporting orphans with food, basics needs, school materials, books for reading and writing. Also many other basic items in life. We have reached out to the elderly in the community and we also done good job to them, and in conclusion I call upon any well-wisher to join our work in whatever way you are welcome. We have also received some donations of clothes from Spain through Mrs Margaret, and I take this chance also to thank The Peoples Hub for all the support through donations and supporting our work and for the well-being of human race and the environment.

Thanks, from Kimbowa Ivan

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
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