Who is Entitled to Housing?

Under current English law, last revised in 2002, in England, Scotland and Wales, only 'statutory homeless' people are entitled to rehousing via a local authorityxxi. To acquire this stature a person must:

  • Be 'eligible for public funds'
  • Have an association with the area covered by the governing local authority, known as a 'local connection’
  • Be able to prove they are 'unintentionally homeless'
  • Provide evidence to demonstrate their 'priority need' (the definition of which varies between the different nations and has been abolished altogether in Scotland)xxii.

Only once a person has passed each of these stringent tests will they be considered 'statutorily homeless' - and only at this stage will a local authority acquire a legal dutyto provide assistance. This is known as 'the main homelessness duty'. In practice - with housing stock in short supply across the country - it means that families with young children and pregnant mothers are most likely to be rehoused. Ultimately, the result is that most single people and a number of vulnerable groups, including rough sleepers - and the ‘hidden homeless’ - are mainly left to fend for themselves.

Surviving on the streets of Manchester. Image by Matthew Taylor


xxi. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/homelessness-data-notes-and-definitions
xxii. https://www.crisis.org.uk/pages/statutory-homelessness.html

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