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Ada Lovelace: The Original Woman in Tech | Zoe Philpott | TEDxBucharest

Zoe Philpott is a storyteller and a tech entrepreneur. Zoe tells stories using technology by collaborating with brilliant technologists, innovators and designers. With a degree in theatre studies and a passion for tech, she co-founded a webcasting company in 1999. After exiting in 2001 she became head of production for Immersive Education. Immersive is an education software company making virtual theatre using gaming technology for schools. By 2004 they had collectively won several BETTs and a BAFTA nomination.

In 2005 Zoe and her husband, Adrian founded PHILPOTT: a creative agency that works with triple bottom line organisations: museums, universities, government and businesses - helping them engage people imaginatively. Started in 2015, Ada.Ada.Ada by PHILPOTT, is an interactive show with a LED dress about Ada Lovelace.

It is a high impact call to action to close the skills and sex-equality gap. Ada.Ada.Ada appears internationally in businesses, councils, conferences and universities including INTEL, ASML and MIT's Scratch.

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