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Empower Children Through Song: Help A Child Learn

Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of children? Are you passionate about education and creating a positive social impact? Look no further than Slap English!

Slap English is a unique and impactful program that uses the power of music to ignite a love for learning English in underprivileged children in Taipei. Their innovative "English by Singing" method goes beyond just karaoke. It's a scientifically proven approach that leverages the power of music and rhythm to make learning fun, engaging, and incredibly effective.

Slap English is a unique and impactful program founded by Stuart Alan Becker, a passionate educator from the United States.

"Learn by Doing" – Making Language Acquisition Fun and Effective:

Slap English's "English by Singing" method embodies Stuart Alan Becker's philosophy of "learn by doing." It goes beyond memorization, focusing on practical communication skills that resonate with real-life situations. Through the joy of music, children are empowered to learn and retain English in a fun and engaging way.

By sponsoring a child through Slap English, you're not just giving them a chance to learn a new language; you're opening doors to a brighter future. English fluency fosters educational opportunities, career prospects, and increased confidence.

Love - Care - Share Connect with other passionate individuals who believe in the power of education and social impact. Share experiences, support Slap English's mission, and witness the incredible progress these children make.

This Sunday, March 31st, Slap English is hosting a special event at the Fuji Grand Hotel in Taipei!

It's your chance to see the "English by Singing" method in action and experience the joy of learning through music.


Become a sponsor today! For just $13, you can provide a child with access to this transformative program, including a delicious pizza lunch and the opportunity to win prizes for their English performance. We'll even send you pictures and videos so you can witness the impact firsthand.

Vimeo: Shwebo Angel of the Morning

Together, let's unlock the potential of these children and create a ripple effect of positive change!

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