March 25, 2024

Power of Song: Help Children Learn English with Slap English!

For Immediate Release

Manchester, UK (March 23rd, 2024) - This Sunday, March 31st, at the Fuji Grand Hotel in Taipei, Slap English is hosting a unique event: SLAP Training in Taipei: Musical Language Training Hotels + Schools.

This exciting event showcases their innovative "English by Singing" method, a scientifically proven way to make learning English fun and effective for children.


Why should you care?

Imagine children from underprivileged backgrounds in Taipei gaining valuable English skills through the joy of music. Slap English's program unlocks opportunities for education, career advancement, and increased confidence.

Here's how you can make a difference:

Become a sponsor! For just $13, you can give a child access to this transformative program. This includes their participation in the event, a delicious pizza lunch, and the chance to showcase their English skills and win prizes!

In return, you'll receive:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you're making a positive impact on a child's future.
  • Pictures and videos documenting the event and the children's progress.
  • The joy of witnessing firsthand the power of music to unlock language learning.
@StuAlanBecker Tweet (2024)

Join Stuart Becker and the Slap English team this Sunday at Fuji Grand Hotel in Taipei and be a part of something special! Together, we can create a lasting positive impact on these children's lives. learn English by the usage of song. Stuart Alan Becker
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