May 31, 2024

AJDC ASBL Brings Water, Sanitation, and Healthcare to Uvira/Bijombo Highlands

AJDC ASBL is making a significant difference in the lives of people living in the Uvira/Bijombo highlands of South Kivu. Their impactful water and sanitation project, launched in January 2024, tackles critical needs in the localities of Kitoga and Marungu.

Photo: AJDC ASBL water, sanitation project, DRC [2024]
Photo: AJDC ASBL water project, DRC [2024]

Focus on Clean Water and Improved Health

The project has three key components designed to improve overall well-being:

  • 10 New Drinking Water Sources: This initiative will provide clean drinking water to approximately 10,000 people. These sources will be properly equipped for protection, collection, storage, and distribution. Additionally, trained management committees will ensure the water is managed effectively and sustainably.
  • Enhanced Healthcare at Kitoga Health Center: The construction of a "minimum package" at the Kitoga health center will expand access to basic healthcare services for roughly 5,000 residents. This new facility will include essential areas like consultation rooms, a delivery room, an observation room, a pharmacy, and a laboratory. An operating theater, morgue, incinerator, solar system, water tank, and borehole will also be part of this comprehensive healthcare center.
  • Improved Hygiene in Schools: The construction of two latrine blocks at EP Kitoga and EP Kitembe schools will directly benefit over 1,000 students. These latrine blocks will be equipped with septic tanks, sinks, garbage bins, and proper roofing for privacy and sanitation. School committees will be trained on proper hygiene and sanitation practices to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Empowering the Community for Ethical Sustainability

A crucial aspect of the project is fostering a sense of ownership among the beneficiaries. AJDC ASBL encourages the communities to take responsibility for maintaining the new infrastructure and equipment. This empowers them to become stewards of their own well-being and ensures the project's long-term success.

A Brighter Future for Kitoga and Marungu

The AJDC ASBL water and sanitation project is a beacon of hope for the people of Kitoga and Marungu. By providing access to clean water, improved healthcare, and better hygiene facilities in schools, this initiative has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life and well-being for thousands of people.

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