What is the Peoples Hub?

Connecting peoples needs to individual volunteered mentors and donators. Our goal is not to just support people but to get the the root cause to ensure we can help before things escalate. Join Us and be a part of how we do things.

About Us

No Hunger

Basic access to nutritional and healthy foods. Ending malnutrition. Supporting to double the agricultural development to grow the communities.


Good Health

Supporting and reducing the prevention of substance abuse. Ensuring health care is available for everyone, not just the wealthy. Supporting research for vaccines and treatments to sustain the health of everyone for the future.


Quality Education

Ensuring education is available to everyone worldwide and increasing the number of adults with relevant skills towards employment and sustainability


Gender Equality

Ending all forms of gender discrimination, equal rights & pay for everyone in the same role and eliminating the harmful practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM)


Debt Sustainability

Assisting developing countries in attaining long term debt sustainability. Address highly indebted poor countries to reduce debt distress.


Renewable Energy

Access to affordable and reliable energy services. Improve the rate of improvement for energy efficiency to support clean energy and reduce pollution


Supporting youth through mentoring



Promoting hope at every oppurtunity



Organised and supporting pivotal events

Securing ways to reduce homelessness & Poverty throughout the world. Ensuring everyone has access to basic needs such as housing & medical needs


How can we all help?

Our Food Systems

Good food is vital for the avoidance of diseases and medical defects

Socially Homes

Social Networking For Social Housing – Ending Homelessness

Nature Hub

How will the world react to significant climate change?

Pure Water

Water is fundamental to life itself. Natural saltwater and freshwater systems of the World.

Adas Army

In Honour Of Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer #AdasArmy

Global Gatherings

Coming Soon!

Global Gatherings - Adas Army

Global Gatherings – Our Food Systems









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